Learn About Eaton Mini Trucks

Hello and Thank You for your interest in Eaton Mini Trucks. My name is Pat Malloy and my involvement with 4X4 mini trucks started when I was trying to solve a personal problem with transportation as my vision waned from a genetic disorder. I bought my first mini truck as an idea to get into town from my home just outside of Eaton, CO. It took only one trip to town to realize that this great idea was not so great. While I loved my first mini truck for it’s versatility, size and comfortable heated and air conditioned cab, my eyesight was just not going to let me use it as I had planned. I had some fun with the truck and I painted it John Deere green, and before I could even finish it there was an unsolicited buyer waiting in the wings for it. After owning many ATVs and Full Size 4X4 trucks, and experimenting with UTVs we have discovered that Japanese mini trucks far exceed these vehicles’ capabilities, and the creature comforts and costs of ownership just blow them away!

I started buying and selling 4X4 mini trucks. I have been self- employed most of my adult life and was in the car sales and rental business for years, so I thought it would be a good fit for me. My wife and I both believe in hard work, enjoy our rural lifestyle, and know that if we treat our customers with honesty and integrity that they will send us all the business that we need.

Every truck is hand picked by myself and purchased by my buyer in Japan. The trucks are then loaded into a container and shipped directly over to us. When the trucks arrive we thoroughly go over each vehicle and do a complete servicing, safety inspection and a final road test. Only after we are satisfied that the trucks are 100% do we put the custom mini trucks up for sale. We look forward to doing business with you. Please call us to make an appointment for a test drive; it will make you smile.

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